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2019-08-09, posts

time as a deadline

August 9, 2019 doesn’t mean much to me. I should be baffled—”It’s August already? No way.” But I only realize that when the calendar turns. Then another month goes by and I wonder what happened.

What if we measured time 1) by week, which is more tangible than by month, and 2) in relation to deadlines?

Example: My six month apprenticeship at COLLINS ends on the 3rd day of week 49 of 2019. Today is week 32, day 5. I have less than 17 weeks left.

That is far more tangible than, “My apprenticeship ends in December.”

Further, consider that I started on week 23, day 2. 11 weeks have elapsed; 17 are left, meaning I’m approaching the halfway point. Again, more tangible than: I started in June and it’s already August.”

I mentioned this to someone who countered, “Doesn’t that make it a bit stressful? To always have your mind on a deadline or the fact that time is passing you by?” I guess, but it’s happening either way. I’d rather acknowledge it and try to make each day one worth living than reach the end of the day/week/month/year and realize it’s all passed me by already.