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2019-05-21, poems

to the boy at the restaurant who told me it was raining:

you’re plenty old enough to know not to stare
but you continue. how old are you?
no more than four or five, yes?
you’re no toddler. haven’t you learned?

no, evidently, you haven’t.
that’s a good thing.
you still have a smile on your face
because of it.

maybe you should teach your dad a thing or two.
he just slings you over his shoulder and
walks around without a smile.
maybe you can lend him some of your happiness.

in a few years, you probably won’t remember
being a curious, friendly, albeit shy little boy.
you’ll be thinking about little league baseball,
your iPad, or whatever the hell your parents
decide to distract you with.

but on the off chance that you’re still curious
and you still find the rain fascinating enough
to stop, look at me, point to the sky and say-
It’s raining!-
keep doing that.

the boy who forgot to appreciate the rain.