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2020-08-31, posts

Two Punches Make a Knockout

I’ve been searching for freelance work for the past few months by reaching out to companies I admire. Cold email.

It’s relatively easy to make a splash in the first email:

But there’s a second part nobody tells you:

Make a second splash.

Two punches make a knockout.

Recently, I reached out to a founder I’ve been keeping up with for over a year now.

The first email was good cold outreach, but equally important was the follow-up.

Once they expressed interest in me, I reassured them of my interest in their operation. I went and read two books about their business in a weekend, and sent them a follow-up about what I learned.

Everyone sends a resume.

Few reach out with a well-crafted, personalized message.

Even fewer spend twelve hours straight reading about their business to prove interest.