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2019-12-25, poems


my first voyage at sea was
quite an amateur one
i was in fifth grade and had just built a canoe
when i invited a formidable young woman
named H aboard.

i do not remember what happened on this voyage
surely, not much, but it was a first attempt at sailing.

my second voyage at sea was

by others, who decided on my sailing partner,
a young woman named M,
who they said would be adept and intelligent.

i’m sure she was on land,
but out at sea,
she was not very smart.

my third voyage at sea was
in that it taught me the dangers of sailing
the winds, the storms, and the worst part,
arriving back at port.

nobody wants to stop sailing,
and certainly not when
you don’t make the decision.

but since those early voyages,
i’ve become a better captain
i’m better at choosing ship hands
but, most importantly,
i bought a map.

it’s a map of Bolivia
which is landlocked
and therefore not a very useful map for sailing
but sometimes it inspires me
to choose a random direction
and sail that way.

come to think about it,
i’m probably not a very good sailor
but only because everyone else
has a target destination
and i don’t.