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2019-05-03, posts

Want to have life your way? Ask.

Alex Banayan got to shadow the CEO of Zappos—Tony Hsieh—for an entire day. He was in his early twenties, sitting in on Tony’s meetings, an experience that I’m sure many people coveted. Including Tony Hsieh’s own employees.

Alex spoke to one Zappos employee who had worked at Zappos for years and would love to shadow Tony for a day. He was wondering how in the world Alex got so lucky.

As the day came to an end, Alex asked Tony, “Why don’t you let your employees shadow you?“

Tony answered: I’d be happy to—but no one ever asks.”

Want to have life your way? Ask.

It won’t always work, but you’ll always have a leg up on the next person who never asks at all.

(Read this super awesome story in Alex Banayan’s super awesome book, The Third Door.)