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2019-05-30, posts

Who cares if you’re an entrepreneur?

I don’t want to work for anybody else.”

I want to run my own company.”

I want to be an entrepreneur.”

An entrepreneur doesn’t think about those things. They just run their goddamn company, and they don’t work for anyone else. Meanwhile, there are a million and one kids who dread their job saying: “I don’t want to work for other people.”

I’ve written some books, dropped out of school, made money on my own, and for that reason, many people want to label me an entrepreneur. The fact is, I don’t run a company and I work for other people. No shame in that.

Yet for some reason, some people think it’s bad to work for anyone else; as if the title of “entrepreneur” is like being a king.

News flash: It’s not.

Do what you do, and do it well. If you’re good at starting and running companies, then do that. If you find out you’re not a CEO and you should work for other people, do that. Who cares if you’re an “entrepreneur”?