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2020-07-16, poems

Would I Lie to You?

his name is devon, he bought
a rabbit, but i had to ask
devon if i could have it
testing my horrible
have-it-back habit,
if i was kind i didn’t
do much to act it,
nagging on devon
like i was a maggot, running
with rabbit like i was in madden,
we got off on the wrong foot
but that’s an oh-well
this is how cookies crumble
and empires fail

it wasn’t for sale, wasn’t for sale
he is a rabbit thief
who went to yale
devon deserves to be
sent up to jail
like a villain in movies
i told him the tale,
“you bought a rabbit
and paid through the mail,
we noticed payments
they started to fail,
now you cannot run
now you cannot sail
pay for your rabbit
or pay for your bail,”

he said oh, hell,
i didn’t know rabbits get repo’d,”
i didn’t know he could
be such a cheap-o,
“you stole a rabbit from
me that’s illegal,
i’m here on a mission to
save it like nemo—
great vengeance
and furious anger,
you didn’t think pet shop
man carried a banger
grab up your tithe
and reckon with sins
or i’ll send you back where
you came from in the manger”

woah woah woah woah
is this story true or
is it a lie
am i pet store gang banger
and why
did i really repo
a rabbit from guy;
my handling of rabbit
thief, it was not delicate
i should have sent bounty
hunter as a delegate,
that’s one thing to learn
from this story and testament:
the story is real
if there’s true” at the end of it—