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2019-06-20, posts

Writing Every Day

It takes a lot out of me. Even though these posts are usually very short, they still require thoughtfulness and care. It makes me wonder: is this the best use of my time? Should I be designing, reading, or taking a walk?

Perhaps. Life is all about focus, which is all about saying no. Since I started this little blog, I’ve released a post every single day, so it would be a shame to call it quits now, but it might also be for the better.

But I should remind myself why I started in the first place:

Writing every day gives me content for my magazines and print publications. It helps me document my life and what I’m going through on a daily basis so I can look at it in the future. This keeps me disciplined about my time rather than careless. I get to release content that, occasionally, real people read and respond to.

Instead of quitting now, I’ll outline exactly why I would quit in the future:

If I feel that it’s stopping me from other, more important creative work, I’ll quit.

Otherwise, I’ll keep going.

Here’s to another day.