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2021-01-04, poems


1 — i admire and adore you very much, do not make me apologize for it. — 2 — who was the last person you had sex with?” — you.” — oh. right.” — 3. — i look at you through the long shag of hair that now covers my face and you make drinking water look sexy. i suppose it just is a sexy thing to do. especially while holding eye contact like you do. are you like this with everyone? yes and no. yes because you try to hold the eye contact with everyone. no, because not everyone stares back and makes you look away first. i never lose. — 4. — the world is very big. the world is very small. the world ends between this street and that street. the world goes no further. the earth is flat. the earth is only as round as the curvature between here and there. the earth is still round. the earth is only part of the world. the world is very big. i wonder if fish fall in love. i wonder what it’s like in the depths of the ocean. i wonder what life is like with no sunlight. i wonder what it’s like down there with the lanternfish. i wonder what it’s like to have x-ray vision. i wonder what it’s like to see ultraviolet. i wonder how many hand prints you’d see on the wall around this bed.