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2019-05-13, posts

Your astrology is no excuse for your bullshit.

Your astrological sign does not give you a pass to be a shitty person. Alicia Drake in The Beautiful Fall noted this acutely—one of the characters, Pierre Bergé (Yves Saint Laurent’s long-time partner), is known to be controlling, demanding, rude, and ruthless. Alicia writes:

Bergé’s astrological sign is frequently cited as justification for his behaviour. So is the tale of the scorpion who kills the frog who is giving him a lift as they cross the river, shruggingly explaining, It is in my nature.’”

Rather than take responsibility for your actions, it’s a lot easier to blame it on your nature—even if that’s utter bullshit and you just like to throw your weight around.

It’s the same thing as waking up, not taking a shower, and going to Wal-Mart in your pajamas and then proclaiming in the afternoon that you don’t feel like you had a good morning.

No shit. And you did nothing to change it.

Don’t blame or justify your actions—make them right.